4th Edition of Open European Hapkido Championships 2013








The 4th Edition of the OPEN EUROPEAN HAPKIDO CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held during the weekend of 10-11-12  May 2013 in Budapest -Hungary and will be hosted by the Daehanminguk Hapkido Federation Hungary. Hapkidoin of all federations and organisations are welcomed to participate at this event.

This event is under patronage of Mr. Kwon Young Sup, cultural attache of the Korean Embassy in Budapest.

All  winners in the Black Belt category will be awarded with a special price by our sponsor
K-dobok.com !

Check out the poster and the website for more information about this event !

Daehanminguk Hapkido in France

We are happy to announce that Daehanminguk Hapkido will also have a branch in France represented by Romain COLLIN.
On sunday 29th April Romain COLLIN came to Lanaken to meet GM Choi Kil Bong and president Guy KUSTERS. They both agreed to support Romain COLLLIN with the opening of a DHMG Hapkido dojang in Lyon. In name of our organisation we wish Romain all the best with the opening of his dojang and spreading DHMG Hapkido in France.

International Hapkido Seminar in Austria

Am 5.5.2012 und 6.5.2012 findet ein internationaler Hapkido und Jeonkook Haedong Kumdo Lehrgang statt. Großmeister Choi Kil Bong wird wieder einen interessanten Einblick in die koreanische Kampfkünste Hapkido und Kumdo vermitteln. Dieser Lehrgang ist für Anfänger als auch Fortgeschrittene geeignet. Wir freuen uns auf Euer Kommen!